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Coloring Fun with Flowers


There are a great deal of scientific and research based applications involving food coloring for identification purposes. One educational experiment with a tremendous "wow" factor is very easy to replicate with a number of flower types or even certain vegetables. Both kids and adults alike can easily learn more about how certain plant based material quickly absorbs water through its stem and extends the moisture out toward the soft petals. The only checklist necessary for this wonderful experience is simply water, scissors and a few drops of food coloring. The subject can be any number of white flowers, though it is possible to perform on colored petals as well. We recommend picking a bouquet of Queen Anne's lace, a single white rose or carnation. Carefully cut a diagonal piece of the lower part of the stem and place into a cup or vase which contains the color. Each species absorbs at different rates which can be a fun part of the experience. The amount of sunlight and temperature can also have an effect. The possibilities are endless if you think about the variables of plant types and using multiple colors individually or even switching half way through!

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