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Snow Color


Snow ColorColoring snow can provide a great source of entertainment and creativity. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of food coloring and mix by shaking vigorously. Try experimenting with cold and warm water to see the different effect it has on the overall look. In temperatures that are below zero, it is even possible to create colored snowflakes since the mist will freeze the moment it leaves the nozzle. You can also add different colors along the way, the possibilities are endless. The spray container in the image is a heavy duty pump action usually used for gardening but is very effective at covering at large area with little effort.

Perhaps the beginning of a new trend in colored snow is about to become mainstream in the world of extreme skiing and snowboarding. We discovered the following awesome video featuring slow motion high definition of some very talented skiers. The entire area which appears to be several hundred yards of fresh power has been colored blue, yellow and orange-red.

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