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U.S. FDA Increases Border enforcement against illegal colors in imported food


According to FDAimports.com, beginning in January 2011, the FDA increased its testing of imported food in an effort to identify whether these foods contained unapproved, undeclared, banned, or unsafe food coloring. If a foreign food product is made with unapproved food coloring additives, the food is illegal in the United States. The FDA color additive approvals do not match those of other countries or regions. Labeling requirements must list food coloring additives as specified by US regulations despite identical ingredients with different name designations (i.e. Red 40). Food items found to be misbranded are subject to FDA import refusal, detention and seen recently FDA Import Alert. A single violation for failing to declare a color or including an illegal food coloring can lead to an FDA Import Alert 45-02, which means all future food entries must be proven by the foreign manufacturer to be in compliance before the shipment is released.

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