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Gel Food Coloring is similar to the paste variety as it is primarily used in cake baking and other food based applications. Gel Food Coloring is preferred by some due to its tubular packaging. Dispensing Gel Food Coloring is achieved by simply squeezing the tube directly into the ingredient mix.

Measuring with precision is more difficult with Gel Food Coloring however the color intensity is specifically formulated so that small amounts of color can be added without diluting the existing material. This is often the case with frostings which have a low tolerance for added water which will adversely affect its consistency.

Gel Food Coloring has the advantage of being the cleanest type of food coloring as there is almost no risk of spilling the color provided that the cap is replaced after use.

An additional advantage of the gel variety is the broad color range available to the consumer. Since the target market is professional and home bakers, Gel Food Coloring is often sold in multi color kits thus negating the need for custom color mixing between two or more primary colors.

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