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Liquid Food Coloring is by far the most versatile and widely used food coloring type. It is for this reason that Liquid Food Coloring can be easily purchased online in a variety of sizes and in smaller dropper bottles at most grocery stores.
Liquid Food Coloring are water based and contain one or more FD&C ingredients depending on the specific color. In order for the product to be shelf stable without requiring refrigeration, a small amount of additional contents allow for pH balance and act as a preservative.
 Advantages of the liquid variety:

  • Available in bulk sizes
  • Ability to precisely measure use quantities
  • Easily mixes with other water based material
  • Can be combined with other shades to create custom colors

Keep in mind that when looking to purchase in larger amounts such as gallons or quarts, a reputable brand offering a concentrated product will best serve you. Extremely low pricing should be a warning sign when performing cost analysis for your business or personal purchase. Another important variable to consider is the shipping charge since the weight is responsible for the majority of a carriers cost of delivery.

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