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Paste Food Coloring is primarily used for baking and other food use purposes. The color strength of Paste Food Coloring on a weight or volume basis is modified for this reason. For certain specific baking applications, the most common being adding color to icing, is best served by the paste or gel variety. The reason for this is that the water based liquid type tend to dilute icings to unfavorable levels.

Advantages of Paste Food Coloring:

  • Bright and vivid color options
  • Wide variety of available color hues
  • Will not spill or splash out of container

Disadvantages of the Paste variety:

  • Difficult measurability
  • Secondary utensil required for application
  • Cannot be easily mixed with other paste coloring

It makes the most sense to avoid using paste for large scale production which call for color customization. Many kits contain a wide variety of hues in an attempt to compensate for the difficulty in combining two or more shades. Often times many of the included colors are never used since they are the less popular muted type which can cause edibles to appear less appetizing.

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